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Satisfaction: If your looking for outdoor furniture to complete your back yard or patio. Yet you don’t want to spend a lot of time caring for it you’ve found the right place! At Dutch Boy Quality is our goal!! Poly Furniture is maintenance free so you can leave it outdoors Year Around!!

Quality is our Number ONE Goal!! That’s what makes Dutch Boy so Much Better! We reinforce all our benches, swings, and glider benches with aluminum angle braces. All poly furniture assembled with stainless steel hardware for better durability . Our all stainless steel swivels deliver the smoothest swivel on the market. All our furniture come with stainless steel glider brackets used for a smoother stronger glide. Swings come with a 800# braking chains per side.

The growing interest in poly furniture is primarily due to its convenience over traditional materials such as wood, metal, and lighter plastics. The perks of poly go far beyond its waste-preventing production. To include colorfastness, year-round durability, and resistance to everything from termites to mold. These features are valuable to people all over the United States and the world. It’s not hard to see why those living close to the coasts find recycled poly to be more reliable and easier to take care of than any other type of furniture.

Smooth feel. Dense material that’s more durable. No cracking, splitting or bacterial growth. Virtually no maintenance. No affects from salt spray for seaside living. Color goes through the material (not a coating) that’s UV stabilized and resists fading.

Have you ever wondered how Dutch Boy poly furniture is made? Many of our customers are unaware that our furniture is made from 95% RECYCLED Content. With the majority coming from post-consumer milk bottles. Collected in community recycling programs. It is amazing how a milk bottle is recycled and given new life as an Adirondack Chair. Which will last a lifetime.

Our fasteners fabricated of chrome-plated stainless steel. Used widely in the salt-water marine industry, these fasteners resist corrosion better than typical grades of stainless steel.

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