Beets are rich in vitamins and iron. Roots and tops are of value for table use. Plants thrive on a wide range of well drained soil types. PLANTING: Begin sowing beet seeds when soil has warmed some what after thawing in the spring. Sow about 10 seeds per foot, 1/2′ deep in a row or scatter in a band. If you what large beets, thin to a spacing of 4-6″ apart. For a continues supply of greens or small tender beets, sow every 14 days until late July. For winter storage, sow about 10 weeks before heavy frost expected. HARVEST: When 1.5-2″ diameter, pull plants. Clean and cut off tops before using fresh or canning for later use. Stock beets can be harvested anytime before a hard freeze. Store in a cool, dry place that will not freeze. Stock beets make a great livestock feed if chopped in small pieces. You will need 2 OZ of seed per 100′ row. Oproximately 1,500 seed per OZ