PLANTING; Start seeds 4-6 weeks before transplanting outdoors. Use Jiffy’s 7, peat pots or flats with inserts with a good soil substitute, like Berger BM-2. Place seeds 1/4″ deep. Keep moist. Germinate at 60-70F until emerge. Transplant outdoors after plants are 4-6″ high. Young cabbage plants can take some frost. Place plants in a row, 12-18″ apart. You need 10,000-12,000 plants per acre. HARVEST; After heads are well formed, cut off just below head. Use fresh, can or freeze for later use. CHINESE CABBAGE CULTURE; Start seeds in Late May to late June. Place seeds 1/4″ deep in soil. Keep moist. transplant when 4-6″ tall. Harvest after heads are well formed. Use fresh or store in a cool, high humidity place with good air circulation by wrapping heads in newspaper. Trim top ends

                       Cabbage Plants

We also have started Cabbage plants in 4 packs ready about March 1st to plant out in your garden cover with hotcaps or jugs to protect from the cold nights & wind

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