PLANTING: In late spring after soil has warmed up to 65– 70F, till soil. Enrich soil by tilling in compost or fertilizer. Place seeds 1/2’ DEEP, 24” APART IN ROW SPACING OF 4-6’. Seeds can also be started indoors in 50 to 72 cell plug trays or Jiffy 7’s and transplanted . For protecting your transplants against late, unexpected frosts choose between Hotkaps plant protectors and Wall O’ Water plant protectors.
HARVEST: Melons are ready to pick when the grey-green colored skin turns a buff yellow color and can be easily pulled from the vine with slight thumb pressure.

                     Cantaloupe Plants

We also have started melon plants around mid April to plant out. You might need to cover them if you plant them before May as they cannot take any frost at all.                 99¢ per 3 pack                         Plants do not ship.