PLANTING: After all danger of frost is past and soil has warmed up to 65F, till soil. Enrich soil with compost or fertilizer. Place seeds at a depth of 1/2-1″ deep, 6-12″ apart. After emerge, thin to 18-24″ spacing saving the most healthy plants. Control weeds and insects like the cucumber beetle, which can spread bacteria wilt. Cucumbers may also be started in a greenhouse and transplanted. HARVEST: For pickling type, pick at 2-4″ long stage. For slicers, 6-8″ long while texture is still firm and seeds are small. Pick every 2-3 days to encourage more fruit set. Use fresh or can for later use. You will need 1/2 oz per 100′ row. We also have started cucumber plants around mid April to plant out. You might need to cover them if you plant them before May as they cannot take any frost at all.
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