Starting & Growing Wildflowers
Creating your own little wildflower area is great fun and can provide lots of enjoyable surprises when the blooming starts.
Here are a few tips to help get wildflowers established.
#1 Remove existing by spraying and tilling. It is best to wait a week or two and let existing weed seeds sprout then till agin before seeding.
#2 Broadcast seed and cover with row cover or straw rolls [see page 35] Wildflower seeds will germinate over a 2-3 week period and soil surface must be kept moist just like grass seed.
Tip; You can also start wildflowers in flat bottom 10×20 trays w/holes and use a fine germinating mix soil. Once they are well rooted you can transplant out where desired
Maybe you’re looking to beautify a large space for an affordable price? Maybe you’ve got a tricky piece of terrain or an uncooperative slice of soil? Maybe you’re just tired of mowing? Regardless of your motivation, wildflower gardening is a simple and time-tested method of beautifying your land naturally and affordably.
We also have started flowers at our location ready to go.
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