Planting: Sow seeds thinly in seed flats in February or March. Place seeds in a good soil substitute, like Berger BM-2. Germinate at 56F in strong natural or artificial light. After emergence. Trim top to 4” as needed as plants become established. Transplant outdoors in 6” spacing’s. Seeds may also be started out doors in late spring. Hint: Start your own onion sets by spacing seeds 3/4” apart in a block format outdoors. Harvest and plant like onions bulbs. Harvest: For fresh spring onions, pull and use when desired size is reached. For onion bulbs, when tops begin to fall over & bulb has developed skins, pull and cure for a week in the sunlight. When dry, store in a dark, cool place. Do not freeze. You will need 1 OZ of seed per 100’ row