PLANTING: In late spring or early summer, deeply till soil. Enrich soil with compost, or other fertilizers. Shell peanuts. Place seeds 1-2″ deep, 6″ apart in a row spacing of 36-48″. After plants flower, ridge soil around plants like you would potatoes. HARVEST: Dig up plants before frost and hang plant up to cure in a cool, dry, breezy place. Peanuts can also be removed from plant and dried on a flat surface. After peanuts have dried down, remove from plant after they are well cured and dry. Wash and soak in salt water over night, if salted peanuts are desired. Roast shell and all in a oven on a cookie sheet at 300F for 2-3 hours. You must stir frequently to keep peanuts from burning. PEANUTS SOLD IN SHELL ONLY.

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