Start seeds indoors 7-8 weeks before transplanting outdoors. For a home garden use jiffy peat pots or flats with inserts and a good Germinating mix, like Pro mix or BM-2. Place 2-3 seeds per pot or cell. Keep moist, but not wet. Germinate at 72°. After seedlings emerge, reduce temperature to 70° for the first 21 days. From the 22nd day on until transplanted outdoors, reduce temperature to 60°F for strong healthy plants. Plants should receive as much sunlight as possible. Plant outdoors as soon as soil has warmed up and all danger of frost is past. Place plants 12-18” apart in a single row or a double staggered row if planted on plastic mulch. Keep soil moist but not wet. Do not let soil dry out, as peppers do not forget and will short you on yield. HARVEST: Pick first peppers promptly when they reach full size or matured to full color to encourage future fruit to set. We try to have started pepper plants ready by April 1st & on thru June. Available in store only no shipping on plants
Treat like tomatoes protect from frost. We can’t guarantee that we will have all varieties available at all times $.99 per regular 4 pack $1.49 per jumbo 4 pack $.99 per 2 pack for hot peppers & specialty kinds