Tomato Plant Growth Habit and Disease Resistance Information
F1  =  Hybrid. Greatly improved over open pollinated types. Seeds will not be true if saved from these fruits.
OP  = Open pollinated. Also called Heirlooms. Seeds can be saved.
PVP = Plant Variety Protected. Do not save seed from this variety. It is an open pollinated variety that is protected by law from seed saving. Not a heirloom plant.
D  = Determinate. Plant habit where vine ceases to grow once it reaches a particular size. Sets fruits at one time and then tapers off. A good choice for short stakes. Usually have a firm fruit.
I  =  Indeterminate. Plant continues to grow and has fruit set in all stages, from blossom to matured. Most varieties are bred  for a home garden and have soft fruits. Need good sturdy stakes
A = Alternaria / ASC = Alternaria Stem Canker / C5 = Cladosporium(leaf mold) / F = Fusarium wilt race #1 / FF = Fusarium wilt races #1,2 FFF = Fusarium wilt races #1,2,3 / FOR = Fusarium Crown & root rot / GLS = Gray leaf spot L = Septoria leaf spot
LM = Leaf Molds A-E / N = Nematodes / ST = Stemphylium / SS = Gray leaf spot / TMV = Tobacco mosaic virus
TS = Tomato spotted wilt virus / TOMV = Tomato Mosaic virus / V = Verticillium wilt / XCV = Bacterial spot