Watermelon seeded CULTURE: In early summer, till soil. Sow Watermelon Seeds 2-3 seeds, 1/2-1″ deep, 18-24″ apart in a row spacing of 4-5′. After emerge, thin to 1 healthy plant per hill. Keep soil moist and weed free. Seeds can also be started indoors in Pro-trays or similar pots. Place 2 seeds per pot. Germinate at 75-80F. Transplant outdoors after plants have 3 true leaves. You will need 3,500 to 4,000 plants per acre. HARVEST: Now here the fun begins!! There are 3 ways to tell when your watermelon is ripe: 1) tendril nearest point of vine where fruit stem attaches is browning, 2) Spot where fruit rests on ground has turned yellow, 3) The classic mystery you hear  PLUNK ” verses ” PLINK or PLANK ” when you flick your finger. You will need 1 oz of seed per 100′ of row or 1-2 lbs per acre
WATERMELONS, SEEDLESS Note: on seedless watermelons: PKT contains 10 seeds + 5 pollinator seeds
Seedless watermelon have their likes and dis-likes and are just like a spoiled child if they do not
get their way, they will not germinate. Follow these steps to grow them.1) DO NOT DIRECT PLANT SEEDS OUTDOORS or you are sure to fail. Start Watermelon Seeds in Jiffy 7’s, Jiffy pots with a good soil
substitute or in 50 cell Pro-trays.  Place seed pointed end up. Cover seed growing containers with
a gro-dome or plastic wrap. Keep in light but out of direct sunlight or you will cook them. Germinate at 80° to 90° for minimum of 60 hours.  Above or below this temperature, they will not germinate. After plants emerge, remove cover and place in sunlight.  Grow at 60° to 70°.  After plants have their 2nd true leaf, plant outdoors. You will need 3-4 weeks from planting seeds indoors until it is time to transplant plants outdoors. If plants grow until they reach the 4th leaf or more, throw them out and start over as yield will be cut if plants are this large.