Super Deluxe 18 Unit Gourd Rack


Stainless steel arms and big capacity doesn’t get much better than this! This rack features fully customizable high quality components at a great price and allows you plenty of room for a big colony. This Rack, utilizes a 14 foot tall, 2″ square high tensile aluminum pole. This rack holds 18 gourds on Horizontal arms that are used with horizontal gourds, and vertical gourds. It includes: a 14 foot tall, 2″ square pole, (or add the extension upgrade for 16 feet) ground stake, top perching rods, black plastic cap, hub,18 Stainless Steel arms & hitch pins,45 feet of rope, 4 part pulley system, (or add the cable and winch kit) and rope winder. Complete instructions included.

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