Super System 24 Unit Gourd Rack


Super System 24 Unit Gourd Rack is the Grand Daddy of all purple martin gourd racks, with plenty of room to grow it holds 24 gourds. The Super System 24 uses a 16 foot, three inch square high tensile strength all aluminum pole. An aluminum hub has a glide button to make raising and lowering easy. Comes with a brake winch for extra safety, long life and convenience. Has 8 aluminum angle arms. Each are is 1 1/2 inches and extends about 48inches from the hub. Pre-punches gourd hanging holes are spaced at 16 inches on center. Simply use the included mounting arms from these holes. System Includes:2 piece 16 foot pole Ground stake Top perch rods Ball Top Stop pin Safety bolt 33 feet of 3/16″ – 7×19 galvanized cable Aluminum hub 8 angle arms Gourd Mounting Arms Winch Bracket Brake Winch Pulley guide

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