Tree & Shrub 12 Month Protect & Feed


Tree & Shrub 12 Month Protect & Feed      

Dual-action formula: kills insects and prevents

new infestations, slow-release feeding improves plant health. Kills destructive caterpillars  including gypsy moths and tent caterpillars. Also kills

Japanese beetles, emerald ash borers, Adelgid, leaf miners and fall web worms. A great way to

prevent Japanese beetle damage. include built-in measuring cups. Also great for use on potted plants. Concentrate formula requires no spraying – just mix and pour at plant base. Simply sprinkle on Ready-to-Use Granules II and water in. Concentrate actives: 0.74% MERIT® brand  insecticide and 0.37% clothianidin.  Analysis: 2-1-1 slow release fertilizer.