Rogue Garden Hoe


Each hoe is hand-crafted – 100% made in the USA – from recycled agricultural disc blades. Each tool boasts a high grade tempered steel and most models are sharpened on 3 sides. They DO hold an edge!

From garden, field, and scuffle hoes to trail-building, firefighter, and flooring tools, Rogue Hoe offers a distinguished selection sure to please. Thousands of Rogue Hoes are used by cotton growers and sugar beet and grape producers throughout the US and Canada. They’re also used on large commercial vegetable farms, college research farms and backyard gardens.

Try a ROGUE HOE today. You won’t regret it

Superior Quality, Classic Service

Are you tired of buying garden hoes from the big box stores, only to be frustrated by subpar tools that weren’t built for real work? Try a Rogue Hoe! Made in America with select materials and designed to last for years, not just a few weekends.

Do you remember the world before phone trees, hold queues, and ticket numbers? So do we! Drop us an email or give us a call. You get personalized service, and we’re committed to selling and supporting tools we believe in.

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